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How to make good software for people

About me

Bogdan Gusiev

Age: 27years
Address: Kyiv, Ukraine.
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I am Skilled software developer with 7 years of experience in Information Technology industry. Have a deep understanding of all engineering aspects in software development process and being a technical leader of the team. Active Ruby on Rails contributor and open source developer.


The job of my dream:

  • Build great product for people:
    • Not for investment
    • Not because it's popular
    • Not to be cool
    • But for people
  • Work for stake not for fixed salary
  • Work on project that I will use myself
  • Work with professional that knows as many things as I do in their own area


  • Plumdistrict - daily deal site specialized on products for women
  • Startwire - modern job search site
  • Peroozal - powers book reviews from popular authors
  • Curebit - social referrals platform

Some code


  • IT-industry
  • Computer Sccience
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Socionics
  • Speed Ice Skating
  • Swimming
  • Hiking

My choices:

OS: Linux
Editor/IDE: vim
Languages: Ruby, JavaScript
Framework: Rails
NoSql: Redis