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Aphorisms about programming
29 Apr 2009

I am not clever. I am just yet another way to use google.
Good programmer should be lazy.
The hole in your pocket is not critical unless you have a hole in your other pocket.

Software is like sex - better when it is free. Linus Torvalds.
Sometimes the theory meets practice. Practice wins. Always.
10% of your zeals brings you 90% of success. Other 90% just 10% of success.
About haste: The perfection of a clock is not in the speed of the movement, but in its correctness.
Don't be satisfied with an apparent fix; full understanding is the standard.
If you only know one language, no matter how well you know it, you're not a great programmer.
The only "best practice" you should be using all the time is "Use Your Brain".

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