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Pragmatic review of Google Wave technology
08 Jun 2009

Have a good time watching the Google Wave presentation video. Looks like an excellent open technology that will make our life easier. I like the overall idea. It is really awesome. But I personally admit some things that seems useless to me...

Starting from the very beginning I need to say: Wow! Now we can organize all communication threads to the widespread object called Wave that will be readable and editable by any other application. No more browsing dozen of sites and tracking all changes around - all interested waves can be reorganized in the way you want.
Let's review the features now:
  • Act as Wiki. Wiki can be handled via Waves too, but not sure about parallel editing. That looks sexy on presentation but has no sense in action.
  • Translation to another languages. I would like to have that on my desktop. Don't think it would be useful then doing the real time communication. Machine translation never was good enough.
  • Spell checker based on language model. Many people around worked on language model and no one has built it strong enough to handle automatic spell check. Let's wait for release and see if Google guys reach the success here.

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