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Finally get rid of WordPress and PHP
20 May 2011

After a few tries migrate to blog engine with programming language I know well, I finally found jekyll - lightweight static site generator. My main concerns in this choice was:

  • Edit posts in my favorite text editor with favorite markup
  • NO PHP
  • Syntax highlight out of the box

Migration from WordPress

Three main migration points was:

One problem I am currently have is “post preview” feature that is currently unsupported in jekyll. My current approach for this looks like this:

post.content | replace_first:'<!--more-->','<!--' | append:'-->' 


Jekyll looks not very extensible. Some methods are not available in the API. Example: integrate SASS require more pain the ass than it should be. I am planning to fix that in a few days. Another problem I ran into is that github native support don’t allow you any extension. My suggestion is to generate static content locally with your own code on top of jekyll and upload static content to git repository.

Currently I build site locally from source code and push static content into separated repository.


About 12 hours of work to transfer 30 posts and their comments. Reworked site design to be more clean.

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