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How to choose a sexy title for your article
13 May 2009

Most of the people will not spend a minute reading your article if they wouldn't get interested from the very beginning. What resides at the beginning of any article? It is the title of course. That is why choose a good title is very important for every content posted in the net.
Title should not reflect the overall idea of your article, let it just be cool. Attracting users attention is more important. It should be the key point of what are you righting about

Here is my idea: Title looks cool for the reader if it is close to his thoughts.
Reader should feel himself close to the topic you are going to speak about. Let's find out and see what do our mind filled in and describe some title choosing principles:


Emotions acts like a catalyst. Expressing strong emotion in the title will give you the most effective result. People are getting interested not only when your emotion correspond to their but also vice versa.
Example: JBoss Seam usage makes the application code crazy!


In most cases the reader is somebody who want to know more about the world. Put a question in the title and it will engage everybody who wants to know the answer.
Like this one: What do you expect from the interface?

Famous topics

  • Humor is top theme on every forum, every blog, every site all the time. Joking title is a good way to awake the interest.
  • Sex. You noticed the title of this article, right?
  • Weather
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • etc.

Making a slight reference in the title to one of above mentioned topics will attract much more attention to your article
I hope this information was helpful. Thanks for reading.

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