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JBoss Seam usage makes the application code crazy!
04 May 2009

Seam Application has a number of good innovations but let's find out if we lose some advantages that we had before. I started application development with JBoss Seam one year ago. With the code base growth I have had more and more problems in workflow development .
I noticed that there are many problems which we have not had before, for example:
  • Utility methods calls are not straight and clear now.
  • Find all usages IDE has feature became useless because of mass EL calls.
  • There is much of the meta programming in such a severe OOP language as Java.
  • It is impossible to debug JSF templates
  • Seam Exceptions look so unclear.
Programming with Seam has all disadvantages of script languages like PHP or Ruby. I definitely admit that some features like Conversations and Native AJAX support made a big step forward. There is a lot of information in the net about How cool is seam but I tried to reveal the underside.

Think twice before switching to Seam.

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